If you’ve been marketing for a year or more, I’m guessing you understand the need for a sales funnel for your business. For the un-initiated, I’ll explain in plain terms. A sales funnel, also called a sales pipeline or sometimes a sales tunnel, is the path by which a person moves from being a “prospect” to a buying customer. Why do you need a sales funnel in you’re in direct sales or network marketing?

If you are looking for business leaders to expand your reach and increase your volume, you’ve already identified your target market for this task. Smart entrepreneurs seek out other entrepreneurs who already have a firm understanding of our business model. These professionals don’t need to be educated about how our business works. Sure, they will have specific questions about your individual compensation plan, product or service, and company history, and you are able to provide this information. Let’s assume you’ve identified network marketers as your target market to expand your organization. (This is one of the best things you can do by the way as teaching someone who has never been an entrepreneur to become one can be a daunting task).

At this point you’re ready to expose this target market to what you are doing with an end goal of having them join you as a business partner. What is the best way to capture their attention? Sadly, many marketers make the mistake of attempting to move their prospect immediately into decision time at first blush. This rarely works, yet network marketers do it all the time when they bombard a business seeker with every detail about their primary business right out of the starting gate. Most networkers are constantly flooded with offers, and they are sick of it. A different strategy is needed. Your prospect needs good reason to move through your funnel voluntarily.

You must ask the question – why in the world should this new prospect trust you or join you in business? Firstly, you haven’t provided any real value to them. The information you provide can easily be found by a quick google search. There is no relationship established. Further, you haven’t demonstrated exactly HOW they can do this business successfully. Ultimately, that’s what they really want to know. How are YOU going to help them on their path to success? You have to ask yourself honestly, what am I offering that is different than all the other distributors in my company? Why should they join me?

Here is one BIG advantage you can offer – marketing expertise. Network marketers today know they must be marketing savvy. Here’s where you can take them further down your sales funnel and actually show them, though automated means, how to use leverage websites, autoresponders, video marketing, social networking, etc, without spending thousands of dollars in the process, or years of time to gain the knowledge of top experts. Show them, from Day 1, how to brand themselves in this industry, something they have not learned, but must learn in order to succeed. Do this, and you will have not only done a service to our great industry, but empowered them to become a successful business partner in your primary business, which increases your bottom line.

After you have taught someone these valuable skills (remember, using automation, so you are not wasting your own time), do you think they are going to be more open to listening to your marketing message? You bet they are – it’s a win-win for all concerned.

In summary, remember your ultimate goal. You are building a large organization to market and sell product or services. When your business partners can execute sophisticated marketing strategies and tactics to dominate the market, everyone wins.

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