Why Traditional Network Marketing Training Falls Short

Have you started a network marketing business? As a follow-up, are you still in that business? For a large majority of people, there is a lot of initial excitement. The idea of real success has new entrepreneurs giddy with anticipation of the rewards to follow.

But what typically happens to these home business dreams of wealth and time freedom? Usually, and that means 97% of the time, they are squashed and left in the dust to die. Why does this happen when so many come with a strong desire to succeed? Many of these people are not strangers to hard work, so what is going on?

The answer is the right training. Notice I didn’t say simply “training.” The RIGHT training makes all the difference. Most network marketing companies have constant training for their distributors, but I’m here to tell you, although it provides important information for the distributor, it’s not the kind of training that will provide a proven track to schedule day-in and day-out revenue-generating activity, which is the only kind of activity that is going to keep a person in business. Without specific detailed plans of exactly what to do each day in your business, it won’t be long before you are out of business.

Many networkers realize this and do seek out this kind of training, but often are left buying individual puzzle pieces that don’t quite fit together. One piece provides instruction on creating capture pages, for example, but they aren’t provided the picture of how it all fits together with a complete marketing vision. You must have a marketing vision and execute it in order to achieve success. The result is usually a lot of money put out on programs, (and I’m not knocking knowledge, ongoing learning is a must) that won’t provide a map for the new home business entrepreneur.

Enter 180DaysToGreatness from Nadira Haniff. After many years of observing these trends, there is one home business networking professional who put it all together for those struggling with this dilemma. Nadira, both an active coach and successful business woman, witnessed this void for years and has created a total immersion program that delivers the goods for networkers. Not CDs, or training booklets, but daily coaching, and revenue-generating assignments that build a comprehensive skill-set coupled with mind-set that result in an explosion in personal business. It’s a wonder why no one has thought of this before when the need has been clearly staring all of us in the face.

If you have a home business and are building an organization, don’t let your people fail. Get them the correct training and allow them to win.

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