Do you see it? In this volatile time of economic upheaval and market uncertainty, are you one of the few who actually see beyond the headlines into a future you MUST create?

As the chug of gloom & doom keeps spurting out of our televisions (hint: turn it off), it may not be immediately recognizable to average Joe that what is happening with our economy is really transition. To put it simply, the time of bartering a traded rate for your work product to a big corporate widget machine (being physical or a service offered) is coming to a close. Sure, this close may take a decade or so, but this is clear – what you, and I mean the big YOU, can personally offer in value to the marketplace (our economy) is what’s going to determine your worth in the marketplace. You must learn to create your own value and then market that value to others who are looking for it. If you do that, you won’t have to worry anymore about getting the pink slip from your employer when they decide you aren’t valuable to them. Relying on one entity (your job) to make this determination is, in this economy, foolish.

What are you saying Diane? That I should become an entrepreneur over night?

Well, it’s going to take some time, but what I am saying is to get started now. In order to learn the necessary skill set and re-condition your thoughts (mind-set) from those of a corporate drone into a marketplace production machine is going to take time. Now, exactly how much time is going to depend on your level of desire and your willingness to follow instructions of those who are already successful on this path. Are you up for the challenge? Do you see the writing on the wall? Now is the time to begin your journey.

One the best steps you can take after you make the decision to start a business of your own is to find a mentor. (Remember, a decision that is not immediately followed by action is no decision at all). Look for someone who can teach you the skills necessary for success, not someone who just wants access to your wallet. Integrity counts. Make sure that you will have access to ongoing support and coaching, along with explicit “how-to” instructions.

Additionally, and equally important, is attending to your mindset. There are many resources to get your mind-set aligned properly; and many others to teach you various skills. But, be aware that until you work with someone who knows how to combine these elements together, success will allude and frustrate you. Both skill set and proper mind-set are necessary for your success.

If you’re ready to cause an explosion in your own personal economy, let’s work together on a plan.

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