Some people just don’t get it when you ask them about Network Marketing. Without any valid evidence to rest their case upon, they dismiss it as “one of those things.” Somebody’s Uncle Charlie is “garage qualified” and has enough water filters to last until 2075, so surely, it’s a scam.

A scam? Yes there are scams a plenty out there in the free world, but done properly and with integrity, network marketing is not one of them. Are there companies using the network marketing business model who do not operate with integrity or without the best interest of their customers? Of course, but they exist in traditional business as well. So do your homework, as you would when evaluating any business.

Let’s look at a traditional business model and dissect one big difference between the two models.

Traditionally, if a business has a product or service to get into the marketplace, research would be done to determine exactly what kind of penetration could be made after implementing various advertising methods. The cost of advertising would be a serious redline on the balance sheet until sales were made to get the company in profit. This example is extremely simplified for illustration, but the point is this – no sales typically occur until after advertising is made, and even then, it’s a crap shoot.

Now let’s look at the model used in network marketing. Here, all advertising is done through word-of-month. Then, the “fee” for advertising (which is done through individual distributors), is not paid out UNTIL product or service is sold. This just makes good business sense. Although there are many risks involved in starting any business, the risk of paying for advertising while not knowing (and only guessing) the outcome of the advertising, often an extremely high expense for any business, is virtually eliminated.

Who are you more likely to trust — your friend, or a billboard or random magazine ad?

Network marketing is not a scam, it is simply a way of rewarding those who take the time to let others know about a needed product or service. Do some real investigating and learn the facts before you dismiss this growing business model.

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