Here’s the big misconception.

“I have to spend a ton of money on complete website redesign to turn my website visitors into clients.”

It’s simply not true.

There are many, fast and inexpensive ways you can increase the likelihood of your website visitor doing one of the following:

  • Calling you right away
  • Giving you their phone number so you can call them
  • Giving you their email address so you can follow-up
  • Telling you what they need help with now

If you are spending money to send visitors to your website (ie, buying traffic), it’s critically important thaget more clients with low hanging fruitt you make these fixes right away. If you just spent money to send them to your website, don’t you want to get connected with them now? Of course you do. Otherwise you are flushing money down the toilet. You want to start your website visitor down the path to becoming a paying client.

How To Engage Fast, and Get Visitors To Tell You What They Need.

Fix the “Low hanging fruit” issues on your website.

(Here’s a quick list, with more details on each to follow…)

  1. Within 5-10 seconds, does your visitor know what solution you provide?
  2. Does your website message speak to your VISITOR’s issue, and not primarily on your business?
  3. Is your contact information (phone, address, hours of operation, address) extremely easy to find?
  4. Do you have a “call to action” – ie, are you directly asking your visitor to do something like, “call us now for a free consultation, register today for 20% off, get our free guide by clicking here”, etc.?

Every question above should have a big fat YES with regards to your business website. If not, you can fix these issues without blowing your budget. And, if you’re sending visitors by currently paying for traffic, you are simply wasting money if you don’t fix these issues.

Let’s take each item and unpack it a bit more.

  1. Within 5 seconds does your visitor know what solution you provide?

Whatever business you’re in, you know you can solve a big problem for your client. It may be with a product they can purchase from you, or through a service that you deliver. Either way, you need to make sure that your message of solving your website visitor’s problem is crystal clear and prominent on your website homepage.

With attention spans shrinking and everyone’s time becoming more highly guarded by the minute, your visitor will click away quickly if they are not convinced within 5 -10 seconds that you have something worth investigating further to solve their problem. Take time to review your main headline and message on your site. Does it pass this test? If not, rewrite it. Clear messaging is key.

2. Does the message on your website speak to your VISITOR’s issue, and not primarily on your business?

Many business owners miss this one. Like the others, you can fix it quickly. Your visitor does not initially care about you and how great you are. They care about how THEIR problem will be solved. Speak to that first. You can later give them your credentials, once they know you have a solution for their issue.

Here’s an example of a main headline done wrong and seen often:

“We’re the #1 Rated Chiropractor in the Midwest!”

The issue is, your visitor has pain and wants to find a solution now. The fact that you are #1 may be a part of a decision later, but it should not be the most prominent and immediate message you give them. You want to give them a solution.

“Get Relief from Back & Neck Pain Starting Today”

This speaks to your visitor’s issue and takes the immediate focus off of you. Of course there are appropriate places on your site that you will want to provide your credentials, your awards, etc., but don’t make it the main focus right off the bat. Your visitor will respond much faster when you make them your focus.

3. Is your contact information (phone, address, hours of operation, address) extremely easy to find?

Now that you’ve got your website visitor’s attention, don’t lose the opportunity for them to contact you immediately. There are few things more frustrating than finding the exact solution to your problem and then clicking around everywhere on a website just to locate the phone number. Place your phone number at the top right of your site. Make sure it stays visible, even when scrolling down further on the page. You can also place it in your footer area of your site on every page. You want your visitors who are ready to take action to call you to actually call you, easily, and without barriers. It constantly surprises me how often businesses miss this easy fix.

4. Do you have a “call to action” – meaning, are you directly asking your visitor to do something like, ‘call us now for a free consultation, register today for 20% off, get our free guide by clicking here, etc?

If you’ve fixed the first 3 items we just talked about, you’re already well on your way to increasing the odds of turning your web visitors into leads, then clients, from your website. Now, if you can add this last item, you’ll really have a powerful way to get visitors to pick up the phone, give you their email address, phone number, or tell you their problem so you can help them right away.

On this point, the minimum you must do is to give them an action to take. Call me now at xxx-xxx-xxxx for a free consultation. In this case, although you are directing them, it’s all up to them, and you have nothing to follow up with.

A better way is to give them some value in exchange for their email or phone number. Give them something you know they will find irresistible. For example, if you are a plastic surgeon, you might create a guide called “7 mistakes most people make when choosing a plastic surgeon (and how to avoid them)”. If you’re currently looking for a plastic surgeon, this information will be of value to you. Once you have your visitor’s email address, you can follow up with them directly.

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You can pack all these elements into your website fast without spending a ton of money or investing a lot of time. Your website visitors will be immediately engaged and know exactly how you can help them and what to do next. You’ll have an immediate way to connect with them after their visit. Further, you can try out this solution at no cost for 2 weeks to see exactly how many new website leads you can get.

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