Do you think you can really manage time? Well…if you think that you are fooling yourself. You can’t manage time, you can only manage YOURSELF in time. So why is this important?

It’s important because, you don’t want to go through your day thinking you’ve got one-up on that clock that keeps on ticking. Instead, you have to realize that it’s always Now-O’clock. Most everyone has heard “there’s no time like the present” – but rightly said it should really be “there’s no time BUT the present.”

Get out of the idea that “the future” is something available to you. It’s not. It’s an illusion. Your mind (ie, your ego) will try and trick you into believing the future is something you can use. Sure, the future exists as a concept, but that doesn’t really help you in managing yourself except for making appointments; appointments that only happen in the now anyway – when that now arrives.

This is because when you “plan” for the future – what you are really doing is planning your “nows” — planning what will occur when they show up. The “now” is always showing up, because that’s all there is – so if you determine how you spend your nows, you can make more effective use of each precious moment you are given.

Imagine your life as a movie projector. There is one single square area in that projector that is showing a single frame at any moment. This is the now. The frames that are yet to sit on that area of the projector can be viewed as the future. Nothing happens until they show up in the now. These future frames can be altered or deleted altogether. You decide what they will be, but the moment they are passing on the light of the projector in that single frame is the only real moment that exists for any of us.

Suddenly, if you really understand this, it can be a frightening proposition to realize that frame just came and went, to be replaced by another, and another – and what are you doing? What are you doing “right now?” Gone. “Right now” – Gone again.

Don’t plan your future, plan your Nows. Do it Now.

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