UPDATE: I wrote this in 2009.

I guess I was a bit prophetic (and had no idea at the time).

Here we go…

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Face it people, working for yourself is not easy. You are everyone. Remember it’s You, Inc. Now this can be great, because you don’t have to deal with a boss or co-workers you don’t like very much. However, relying on yourself to come up with the ongoing stellar ideas AND execute them daily can start to make your head spin.

Ah, but what about the home business owners credo “I’m working for myself, but not by myself – and I have an entire team to help me with anything I need assistance with…” Yes this is one of the major benefits of network marketing. Your upstream leaders have a vested interest in helping you succeed, and that’s all good stuff.

This “helping each other” concept is certainly not new to our industry’s business model. It’s served us well. And now as we continue merging all the new internet marketing tactics into our growing exposure arsenal, you may have this experience: out there in the growing world of social media, PPC marketing, SEO & press releases, etc, you are actually having to compete head-to-head with the same people who are on your team.

I experienced this myself this past year while involved with a remarkable company whose vision is to be the leading internet marketing education company (and they do deliver the goods, by the way) This post is not about them, but just to serve as an example of the built-in condition of team member competition inherit in most of our so-called “teams”.  At the end of the day, each individual was taking all of their extensive marketing knowledge and using it to compete against each other member of the team. Although there was a great deal of sharing of knowledge and ideas, each person was ultimately responsible for their own marketing efforts and results. To make the big dollars, you had to be the cream that rose to the top.

It is awesome to be working within a team structure and sharing knowledge, no doubt about that. But can this model be improved even further? Yes it can – and it is taking place now within a team model that I am thrilled to be part of.

In this new model, instead of each person on the team needing to become an expert in many areas of marketing, the existing skill sets of all members are pooled together and used in harmony for the promotion of the entire team. The team itself becomes an entity.

This, in my opinion, is the next evolution of a home business team. No coveting of prized “secret” information, no suffering on the sidelines trying to figure out what to do next out of a multitude of possible strategies. This is true masterminding with leveraging of skill sets for the benefit of each member.

A true team. It’s time has come. If you’d like to learn more about how we are doing this, watch this now at or contact me directly.

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