Diane Zidek - FocusIt’s going to happen to you, if it hasn’t already (and I bet it has). In the world of internet marketing, it seems there is a new launch of a must-have product, course, software, or secret ninja marketing squad you just have to join now, or, as the copy reads, you will be left behind and doomed to failure!!

Really. Really?

These daily temptations put you, as a new marketer, in a middle of a decision that you will be faced with again and again. It will serve you well to get into good practice now of how to handle them.

I have been amazed about all the incredible training, ebooks, software, guru memberships, and the like that have been put out by our industry over the last several years. The amount of information available to us is staggering. And this is why it is even more critical for you to be able to become even more guarded about what you give your attention to and where you spend your time. Money is replaceable, your time on this earth is not.

So, the question is always, everyday – what should I focus on?

To answer this, we must back up. We must go to the beginning and nail down exactly what we are doing, where we want to go, and look carefully at our strategy to get there.

Like following a recipe, we must have the recipe first before we can follow it. It sounds like that doesn’t need to be said, since it’s so obvious – however, apply it to our industry, to making money online (in most cases starting from point zero) and you will see over and over again that many new marketers grab every ingredient thrown at them each week, and believe that somehow a successful outcome will come of it, if they just have enough ingredients. The new flavor of the week is the missing ingredient they think they need. (wrongly).

You simply cannot expect successful results operating this way. You must go back to your recipe. Ask yourself the following and be honest with yourself:

1. Do I have an air-tight marketing funnel in place to market my product or service?
2. Have I determined where my market can be found online?
3. Am I effectively putting my marketing funnel in front of my audience?

Here’s how it goes for a lot of people.

“Woooo-hooo! I am going to make a fortune selling this YES!!!! Alright!!! Now, what to do, what to do. Oh yeah! Let’s make some videos, oh – better learn that, oh OK, I’ll just buy this course on how to make perfect videos! Alright, oh, hold on, I am supposed to use this traffic software – oh, yeah!! Now that I have that, I know the money is mine! Oops, I forgot I need this kick-ass viral ad sender and banner maker. Yes, that was indeed the missing piece here, now that I have that WOW! I’m off to the races.!!”

Here’s the thing, this new marketer is doing all these things and spending all this money not realizing first that, where they are sending their prospect is completely full of holes and lost opportunities. They got so excited about what the sales copy promised that they completely forgot to FOCUS back on what they actually have to offer, and before going to ANY OTHER STEPS, ask themselves 1. Do I have an airtight marketing funnel in place to market my product or service?

Once this is in place (your marketing funnel), you can then go to the second question, and do some serious research here. Do some serious market research about where your customers are, what they are buying, what excites them, frustrates them, and who your competition is – only then will you have powerful information that can put you in a serious online income probability. At this point, you can put your marketing funnel in front of your researched audience. This is the recipe.

Now those other bells and whistles can come into play. Now you can say… hmm, my funnel is solid, and I know my audience – will this particular ebook training, marketing method, highly guarded ninja trick, software, or WHATEVER – will this get my marketing funnel in front of my researched audience more effectively???

And that is how you will know what to focus on. Knowing this and applying it each time a shiny new object pops in your inbox is an important key to your future online success.

To learn more about the airtight funnel I use, visit www.newdaywealthoptions.com

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