Picture the scene. You’re a new online marketer and you’ve just published your first website! You’ve used some template driven program, and just like they promised you, it was up and running online in a couple hours. And now, like any new marketer that’s done their homework you scratch your head and come to this conclusion: “Now all I need is some traffic and I’ll be raking in the big bucks!”

LOL. Sorry but that is really funny. It seems logical…but? And what about all those places you can buy visitors to your website? Shouldn’t you just go out and pay for traffic and then all your problems will be solved?  (listen – I can hear the giant sucking sound coming from your wallet from over here).

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If you’ve been marketing for a year or more, I’m guessing you understand the need for a sales funnel for your business. For the un-initiated, I’ll explain in plain terms. A sales funnel, also called a sales pipeline or sometimes a sales tunnel, is the path by which a person moves from being a “prospect” to a buying customer. Why do you need a sales funnel in you’re in direct sales or network marketing?

If you are looking for business leaders to expand your reach and increase your volume, you’ve already identified your target market for this task. Smart entrepreneurs seek out other entrepreneurs who already have a firm understanding of our business model. These professionals don’t need to be educated about how our business works. Sure, they will have specific questions about your individual compensation plan, product or service, and company history, and you are able to provide this information. Let’s assume you’ve identified network marketers as your target market to expand your organization. (This is one of the best things you can do by the way as teaching someone who has never been an entrepreneur to become one can be a daunting task).

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