When Alexa Ranks Go Vertical…Pay Attention

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Milk: It Does A Marketer Good.

Ok so I stole the idea from the dairy people – and I’m NOT a dairy fan. Cow’s milk is for baby cows – and how an entire industy can brainwash a society, well, that’s ANOTHER marketing story….

But today’s post is about *MILKING* it, ie, doing one thing and “milking” it for all it’s worth. As a marketer this is a skill that you should learn and implement with each bit of effort you put out. Seriously, if you are spending your precious time doing something, shouldn’t you be “milking it” for all it’s worth? You better be. It’s the other side of leverage and it’s critical to your ultimate success.

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If you knew nothing about marketing online, you’d be off to a faster start if you were able to do one thing better than the next guy. Trying to guess? Think it’s video marketing? Pay Per Click? Landing page creation? Live presentations?

I was just asking some fellow marketers this very question and their answers were: tenacity, burning desire, patience, & mental toughness. There is absolutely no doubt that you need all of those things in place. But that’s not the “skill” I am talking about here.

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Hard Work Equals Success? Maybe.

Today I was watching a little TV (yes I do that sometimes) and I saw a commercial from Geico that is just getting under my skin. The little green Gecko says proudly: “In business, hard work equals success.” gecko

Really. Hmmm…maybe for the novice this might seem like common sense. But if you’ve been working on your business for any length of time — and especially if you didn’t have any success at all for a long time, you know there is a whole lot missing from this “hard work equals success” statement.

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