Picture the scene. You’re a new online marketer and you’ve just published your first website! You’ve used some template driven program, and just like they promised you, it was up and running online in a couple hours. And now, like any new marketer that’s done their homework you scratch your head and come to this conclusion: “Now all I need is some traffic and I’ll be raking in the big bucks!”

LOL. Sorry but that is really funny. It seems logical…but? And what about all those places you can buy visitors to your website? Shouldn’t you just go out and pay for traffic and then all your problems will be solved?  (listen – I can hear the giant sucking sound coming from your wallet from over here).

website traffic accident

Here’s the lesson that is critically important. Before you get all hung up in getting traffic, you must figure out exactly what you are going to do with your visitor once they give you the precious gift of 3 seconds of their time. People are busy, bombarded with messages, and more critical than ever before. If you don’t take the time to map out exactly how you intend them to flow from landing on your website to being able to contact them again, and follow-up with some genuinely meaty stuff that they will be THANKING you for, you are dead in the water, a “traffic accident.”

So how do you do this? Firstly, don’t go out and get a bunch of traffic heading to you without a plan of response from your end. At minimum, if they have visited your site, you must have a means of capturing their information for a reconnect later. The majority of folks are not going to turn over their email address and/or phone without a compelling reason to do so. So give them one. An honest trade. Give them value. Perhaps a free email series which offers them something they’d really like to know, or an ebook or video series.  I have a friend who does massage therapy and I suggested that she give away a thorough checklist of things to consider when choosing a therapist. The point is this – think about your particular niche, and then ask yourself – what would really be valuable to me if I was a visitor?  And remember: never give away trash content, or your visitors will unsubscribe on your first communication.

Once you have their contact information, you can communicate with them on a regular basis. Give them good reasons to re-visit your site. Alert them to a new post you just wrote, or special offer you are running. The bottom line is this – you have not wasted your precious traffic to be a one-visit deal. That’s what amateurs do.

If you’re stuck on exactly how to get a capture form (or opt-in form) on your website, here is a great little piece of software that can eliminate a lot of frustration. For those of you still using replicated sites (come on now, it’s time to graduate!), this is a must-have. You will be able to capture your visitor information regardless of whether you personally have access to website coding. You can also use it anywhere you have a web presence, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

Go forth, all ye marketers, and let’s give our site visitors exactly what they are craving, and more of it. If you do it right, YOU are the one they will thank.

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