As many of you know, I am a huge music fan. Lyrics often grab me
and have me thinking about things in new ways, which is why I
take time everyday to open my ears and listen. Two ears and one
mouth means listen twice as much as you speak.

Yesterday I was listening to an old CD from a band not too many
people have every heard of – but they were amazing. (They broke
up in the early 90s but, the lead singer still is performing.)

The song is called “Tell Me Like You Know.” One of the lines in the lyric really struck me as it rang true for much of the struggle I put on myself as I make my way through this online marketing maze that is constantly changing. The line is “So much wisdom, clouds your road to freedom…ah, before you fall apart – tell me like you know.”

Now that line REALLY got me thinking. So much wisdom, clouds your road to freedom!” Is that what happens to me and so many of us out there trying to traverse this ever-changing online marketing journey? Some days I wake up and hear this sick drone voice in my head, “yes I know how to do that, yes I know how to do that, blah blah blah….”

Then comes the blinding flash of the obvious – SO WHAT! This “wisdom” of knowing “how” to do whatever tactic I’m thinking of at the moment means NOTHING unless I actually DO IT! And those with lessor “wisdom” are meanwhile kicking butt because they are actually implementing the strategies they’ve learned! So ask yourself – is your “wisdom” clouding your road to “freedom”?  I’ve been in that trap and I say no more. Time to BE, DO & ACT.

Sure, you must know how to do your marketing strategies, but learning that stuff is not the issue anymore. There are many
good avenues to get up and running with enough to make your mark now. Bottom line, get yourself educated and get into ACTION, and DO NOT let “wisdom” ie, knowing every little thing about every little thing cloud your road to freedom. It’s there for the taking. Oh and thanks Sun60 & Joan Jones for your inspiration after all these years…

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