This is going to be a much more personal post. I’m writing from the heart, and I hope after reading this, you’ll feel that.

Perhaps you may recognize some of this from your own journey to get on the “other side” where the big dogs play, to never have to worry or even think about money again. Do your friends think you’re crazy? Does your family think you need psychiatric help when you continue to repeat that you want to do what you want, when you want, where you want, with who you want?

You KNOW in your heart that its completely possible and true. You’ve met these folks. You’ve gone to countless marketing trainings & events, learned from the best of them. You’ve got some of the highest level gurus as your facebook friends and on your twitter. Heck, you’ve even had personal conversations with them.

Those other people are the crazy ones, the ones trading their entire LIVES away, minute by minute doing some menial  tasks to build someone else’s dream. You know they’ve bought into the big LIE, a lie so big and glaring that it’s accepted as “the way it is.”

So here you are, with all this knowledge and perhaps even some kick-ass marketing skills. You work on your mindset daily, and, even though the bills still crowd your mailbox, you KNOW you’re on the right track. It’s just a matter of time, time, time. Tick tock. Tick tock.

It’s time to take a hard look at exactly where you are. This is not said with negativity, on the contrary, it’s an important process for your next breakthrough. Where you are is on the verge of absolute mind-blowing success – IF you can finally put the pieces together.

How have many people done this and reached the other side and achieved financial freedom? Here’s how:

  • They found a market where people are already spending money
  • They found a product or service that this market wants and pulls out their credit cards for
  • They put that product/service in front of this market and drew them into their offer like a venus fly-trap, except – the fly is HAPPY to be in their funnel. In fact, salivating to see what the next offer will be because they HAVE TO HAVE IT.

Ok, so let’s look at your current business. Is this how your process works? Probably not.

And it’s probably because, there are some critical pieces missing, that YOU weren’t even aware of – remember – you don’t know what you don’t know.

Well that has all changed in a big way (This is an update from previous writing). The gurus will often give you piece-meal elements, amazing content to be sure, but do you really know how to evaluate whether something’s worth your time and energy? Can you see from a larger view what should be in place before you even lift a finger? You should and you better. And you can discover all of it right here.

I assure you that you haven’t seen anything like this before, and once you get this information, you’ll never look at another business opportunity the same way. And that’s a GOOD thing. You’ll finally be able to put it all together – to trust yourself in knowing that what you are about to embark on makes financial sense, BEFORE you open your wallet. I’ll I can say is I wish I had this information 10 years ago.

Get it here people. You can thank me later.  And you won’t hear it from the gurus.

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