The Time Management Lie

Do you think you can really manage time? Well…if you think that you are fooling yourself. You can’t manage time, you can only manage YOURSELF in time. So why is this important?

It’s important because, you don’t want to go through your day thinking you’ve got one-up on that clock that keeps on ticking. Instead, you have to realize that it’s always Now-O’clock. Most everyone has heard “there’s no time like the present” – but rightly said it should really be “there’s no time BUT the present.”

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Congratulations on making the decision to market your business online! The online marketplace offers a huge opportunity for virtually anyone to get in front of their target audience immediately. Further, if you are not marketing online today, you’re pretty much not really a contender in the game of commerce. Once you’ve decided to dive in and start online marketing, you’re faced with this nagging question – what should I do first? For this scenario, I’ll assume that you have at least a website, even if it’s a very basic one.

To discover what to do first, you must first ask yourself some other questions.

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PPC – What You Should Know

If you’re building a business online you’ll find out immediately that getting traffic to your site is one of the things where you must put your focus. You must learn this skill. You can either pay for traffic or grow your traffic organically, but either way – the bottom line is getting traffic. If no one sees your message, you are dead in the water. You can have the greatest business in the world, but without an audience, it won’t matter much.

So how do you generate traffic to your website? There are a number of ways, both paid and free, but let’s look at one right now – paid advertising through PPC, or “pay per click.” You’ve seen those little 3 line ads on the right side of Google. Those who wrote the ads are doing their best to capture attention in the hopes of getting a person who is looking for exactly what they have to click on their link in the ad and go immediately to their website. If they reader of the ad is compelled by the description of what lies behind the link, they will click it. Pretty simple huh?

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Have you been wrestling with the question of whether to learn HTML as an online marketer? If you don’t know what it is or how it’s used, it probably seems like a big, scary black hole you’d rather just ignore. But then you keep seeing nicely done, yet simple-looking one page web offers and you wonder – should I be doing this? Could I be doing this?

As an entrepreneur you are always faced with the decision to either outsource tasks or do them yourself. And this decision comes down to spending your money or spending your time, and finally, knowing that you can always make more money but you can’t make more time. So – would it ever be worth it to learn some technical skill such as HTML when you can hire someone to do it for you?

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Social Networking Done Right

Short and sweet today…if you want to learn EXACTLY how Social Networking should be USED PROPERLY, and not abused, watch this video from Perry Belcher. One of the finest pieces I’ve seen in quite a while. Enjoy!

The Number One Problem In Network Marketing

How can I, as a Network Marketer, ever expect my brand new people to build websites, create autoresponders with real value, learn html, test, tweak, spend thousands of dollars in the process, spend years of time to gain the knowledge of top experts, and figure out how to brand themselves from day 1 in this industry?

I KNOW this is essential online Marketing 101 for those who are serious. Up until now, I have had sleepless nights wondering how to solve this problem. Sure, I’ve been willing to sweat it out and learn this stuff, but boy, it is not for the faint-hearted and it takes tenacity and constant learning!

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What Can Blogging Do For Your Business?

– Diane Zidek

Recent market research has found that blog readers are strongly influenced by blog content regarding purchase decisions across a number of categories, and that blogs play a key role in leading readers to the point of an actual purchase. BuzzLogic, social media analysis company and ad network, sponsored the market research and JupiterResearch, a Forrester research company, conducted the survey of more than 2,000 online consumers in the US.

This survey, called Harnessing the Power of Blogs also found that blog readership has grown 300% over the past four years. 300%! The results also suggest that consumers who read blogs more than once a month are using blogs as the top online navigation tool to discover other blog content, ranking higher than general web or blog search. This means that links on your blog are even more important than you might have originally thought.
The survey also found:
• Blogs influence purchases: 50% of blog readers say they find blogs useful for purchase information.
• Blogs sway more purchases among readers than social networks: More frequent blog readers say they trust relevant blog content for purchase decisions than content from social networking sites. • Niche focus ups influence factor: For those who have found blog content useful for product decisions, 56% said blogs with a niche focus and topical expertise were key sources.

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