Dave Wood Just Called Me A Grinder

David Wood, co-founder of the Empower Network, just called me a Grinder on his live call tonight 4/16/2012. It’s true. (well, it WAS true). Do you know what it means? I’ll tell you, because you might just recognize yourself as being one too. Or better yet, I might save you from becoming one in the first place (which would be really great for you).

The good news is, I’m a grinder no more. The even better news is, you don’t have to be one either, and you don’t have to go through the kind of pain many of us in the online marketing world have suffered through…read and learn now so you can start creating the life you know you deserve – starting now.

The Grinder Identifier

What is a Grinder and what exactly is Dave Wood talking about? Well, a grinder is a person who has a burning desire to succeed in online marketing. They want very badly to make money online with their business. The Grinder, however, gets completely caught up in all the techno BS that, although important, is NOT what a true business person who IS making money online, spends their time doing.

Ask yourself the following: Have you learned how, or tried to learn how (now with missing hair due to all that you’ve pulled out in the process) any of the following grinder activities?

1. how to make your own landing pages?
2. how to write HTML?
3. how to design and code your own web pages including optin forms?
4. how to set up your own hosting?
5. how to install WordPress, Drupal, or some other blogging platform?
6. have you spent countless months trying to drive traffic
(only to find out the sucky page you finally put together actually drives traffic AWAY
7. have you tried Google or Facebook PPC only to have your ass handed back to you on a plate? (yes I said “ass”)

Here’s the thing…yes it’s admirable that you were dedicated and committed to learn whatever you think it takes to master the game and start making some money online. But at the end of the day, without an effective strategy – a game plan – you are really just spinning your wheels.

Sure, you’ll have a great cache of skills (and don’t get me wrong here, skills are very important), but without a strategy in place that has been proven to work, along with an airtight marketing funnel, you are just a jack of many skills with no direction and a sorry bank account.

There is HOPE.

You are not the only one who has gone down this path (or contemplated the journey). Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe, the founders of the Empower Network, have done this too. And they aren’t ashamed to admit it. In fact, they are a bit pissed off at the industry, which is exactly why they have done the unthinkable for online marketers everywhere.

What you now have in front of you (formula + airtight funnel + 100% commissions) has not been done before (and yes, there have been some serious feathers ruffled). You no longer have to “grind” and “hope” that somehow all the magical pieces you’ve been struggling with will align together. You’ve got it right in front of you. Your time is now, if you dare to join us.

Together we are changing the game and building an empire of empowered entrepreneurs…one 100% commission at a time. It’s YOUR turn. Step up and take your piece of 100% commissions. Click Here Now.

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