Have you tried your hand at making a decent online income? Have you read enough ebooks on the subject and found it more useful to use the pages for a litter box liner?

It always starts out the same. It’s so eeeeasssy.

Anyone can do it (until you find out that anyone can’t do it).

So many moving parts. So little time. The thing you may learn, if you’re lucky, is that if even one piece of your marketing funnel is sub-par or has an issue, (or is flat out missing), it’s going to wreck the rest of it, and any results you were hoping for are not going to show up. Forget about it. Ain’t happening.

I found this out after a lot of pain, suffering, all nighters in front of the laptop that lead to, not the promised land of online income freedom, but the land of more frustration, more hair pulling, screaming, profanity and ALMOST giving up and giving in. For some reason, and God only knows why, I didn’t stop searching or trying to figure out all the puzzle pieces.

Sure, I love to learn, but c’mon. You can only take so much learning without getting results before you just throw in the towel. At least that’s true of most people I speak with about it.

You’ve got in front of you the serious work of researching and buying domain names, setting up hosting, making capture pages, screwing around with graphics and headers, installing blogs or making websites using html, creating and uploading videos, setting up web capture forms, writing autoresponder message sets, setting up your autoresponders, learning copywriting, figuring out social media, implementing automatic syndication…and the list goes on and on and on. Just scratching the surface here.

Really? You excited about learning all that stuff? Not just learning but excelling at it?

Because my friend that’s not the half of it. And it better be right or you aren’t even in the game. This stuff is not for amateurs. Oh sure, maybe you can learn a few things and earn a few dollars here and there, but how about replacing your income? It’s going to seriously take more than you realize.

For me the frustration was more than my own.  Because I did stay in the game and I have learned much of the above list (I’m kinda tenacious that way…), I made money online, but I felt a sick, pit of the stomach sick, about the fact that I couldn’t really expect anyone else to be as tenacious as me and go through the all of the required learning curve to finally settle in to a new reality of making online income, and making it their life.

So many people tell me they want this.

But It’s kind of been one of the industry’s dark secrets. Those who know get those who are naive to purchase some “easy” way (course or ebook, etc)… only to find out that that is just the tip of the iceburg. Months of hard learning, implementing, testing, is heading your way. And you will most likely quit before you make a single dime online. That’s a fact.

I finally actually started telling people who asked me about online marketing funnels and how they work that, they probably really didn’t want to get involved. It was more work than it would most likely end up being worth for them. That was hard too. But I knew it was true.

Then the most unlikely thing happened.

I ran into a bunch of other marketers who felt exactly the way I did. Tired of the lies and deception in the industry. Tired of watching newbies in the marketplace, who were genuinely praying for a way out of their meaningless work lives, being raked over the coals, wallets ravaged and left for road kill. No compassion, just another sale.

It’s been a dream of mine for quite some time to run into such like minded marketers, who care beyond their paychecks. Care about what other people are dreaming about, and care about changing the world – one marketer at a time.

Quite a long time ago now I put my tag line on my personal website to read “<em>Are you a serious entrepreneur ready to make your mark on the world? Join me”</em>

Well, somehow, by the grace of God – I just found a small army of marketers who feel exactly the same way. You can be one of them. You can navigate the landmines and find the promised land of true time and income freedom. It’s happening everyday with us. Find out how HERE.

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