For the past few weeks I’ve been reading up on nutrient-dense eating. Nutrient-dense eating is a very powerful way to increase your vitality and lesson your chances to contracting the big 3 diseases attacking so many Americans. Americans in particular are suffering more and more from heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, more than any other time in history.

In a nutshell, nutrient dense eating means eating foods with more nutrients per calorie than other foods. For example, if you eat a cup of spinach, you are getting a lot more nutrients per 100 calories than, let’s say, a slice of pizza, or a chocolate donut.

Like most things in life, it helps if you have the right tools to do what you need to do. I knew I wanted to begin eating this way, so I purchased the Cadillac of blenders, the Vitamix VS Blender. This thing is bad-ass. Put practically anything in it, turn up the variable speed, then turn on high, and watch whatever you concocted turn liquid smooth. Pulverized. In less than a minute. Wow.

The thing is though, with this powerful machine, you’ve got to make sure you follow the instructions.

The Vitamix VS comes with a nice 3-ring binder, full of pretty pictures of fruity and green smoothies, soups, salad dressings, desserts, etc. It’s separated in sections so you can find exactly what you want to create, and instructions on how to create them. Interestingly, they even tell you, and listen carefully here – THE ORDER in which THE ITEMS MUST BE PLACED in the blender before you hit the switch.

Before you create your delicious magnificence, YOU’VE GOTTA HAVE A PLAN OF ACTION.

Enter marketing lesson. What are your ingredients for online marketing success and what “machine” are you using? What directions are you following? Are you following the correct ORDER of items to ensure your success? Are those directions and instructions coming from people who have already got the results you want now?

So many people who are getting starting in online marketing, who know nothing about how an online marketing funnel works, think they can just throw a few things together without any strategy in mind, and come out with stellar results. It won’t work. You’ve got to have a system, a recipe if you like, to ensure your success. For marketing, this Cadillac manual is the 15K formula. It’s available for you once you become part of the Empower Network community, which you can do for a whopping $25, here.

Just like my amazing new Vitamix, capable of making the most kick-butt nutrient-dense meals I can imagine, I can’t get started getting results until I open the book and follow the directions. They are simple directions. Any literate person can follow them. But they must be followed.

Just like your marketing strategy – follow the recipe book. Make sure you are set up properly before you start sticking all your ingredients inside and turning the switch to high.

If you follow the directions, you get delicious results.

If you don’t follow the directions, and you don’t have a good machine, you get a disgusting mess that you spent a lot of money on which is now being poured down the drain.

Are you doing this now with your online marketing funnel? The fine tuned marketing funnel is like a Cadillac machine. Everything works without fail to market product effectively and bring sales everyday, as long as you follow the directions.

Stop wasting your time with online marketing funnel imitators and start getting the results you deserve now. Find out how it’s working for other folks who just got started HERE.

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