Ok so I stole the idea from the dairy people – and I’m NOT a dairy fan. Cow’s milk is for baby cows – and how an entire industy can brainwash a society, well, that’s ANOTHER marketing story….

But today’s post is about *MILKING* it, ie, doing one thing and “milking” it for all it’s worth. As a marketer this is a skill that you should learn and implement with each bit of effort you put out. Seriously, if you are spending your precious time doing something, shouldn’t you be “milking it” for all it’s worth? You better be. It’s the other side of leverage and it’s critical to your ultimate success.

So let’s talk particulars here – what exactly do I mean by milking your marketing efforts? A blog post like I’m writing provides a great example. Once I’m finished my writing this,I will post it to my personal blog. Let’s say it took me 15 to 30 minutes to come up with an idea and get my thoughts down, and actually post it.

With all the options and technology available right now, I’d be a fool to just post my post on my blog and let it sit there hoping someone may read it. Time to “milk” my efforts.

1. Make sure I have an auto-ping service hooked up on my blog, or us ping-o-matic or some other similar service. (just do a google search for pinging services and you’ll find plenty)
2. Write a teaser line and do a tweet with a link back to my post. Example: Do you know how to “milk” it? 97% of marketers miss this one.  (link here). Make sure you post to facebook and linkedin with Tweetdeck or similar service if your ping service has not posted there. Use a service like SocialOomph to resubmit with variation over time.
3. Send out an email message to your list with a teaser paragraph and a link to finish reading the rest of the story…(include a ps with additional resource links for more monetization)
4. Take a few minutes to re-tool your post just a bit and submit it as an article to as many article services as you can. Use a service to automate this process.  (two good ones are automatic article submitter and my article network
5. Make a short video talking about the problem marketers face and the solution they can read about by going HERE (your link back to your post)
6. Start a discussion in your social media groups and reference your post and ask for opinions and comments.

These are just some ideas, use your imagination and come up with more. Do you see how your can completely leverage what you’ve just written by taking these additional steps? There are few secrets out there – it does come down to actually taking the steps that others are NOT taking and following through. You only fail when you fail to follow-though.

So what are YOU going to do today? As always, I appreciate your comments & feedback.

To Your Success –

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