What’s The Microsoft HoloLens?

I remember my mother said to me several years ago “I’m not getting a new TV until the characters are standing in my living room.

Well, Mom, you are going to see that happen very soon. Take a look at what’s coming this year — Microsoft HoloLens. I hate that the word “game-changer” is thrown around with as much care as you’d give a dirty sock, but – this is it. The Microsoft HoloLens System IS a game-changer. (and it will change gaming too – lol)  … and FYI I’m a converted Mac user, so go figure….


So what is it and what’s the big deal here?


Alex Kipman, Microsoft developer for HoloLens tells it this way…

“The next era of computing, he explains, won’t be about that original digital universe. “It’s about the analog universe,” he says. “And the analog universe has a fundamentally different rule set.”

Translation: you used to compute on a screen, entering commands on a keyboard. Cyberspace was somewhere else. Computers responded to programs that detailed explicit commands. In the very near future, you’ll compute in the physical world, using voice and gesture to summon data and layer it atop physical objects. Computer programs will be able to digest so much data that they’ll be able to handle far more complex and nuanced situations. Cyberspace will be all around you.

What will this look like? Well, holograms.

Microsoft Hologram

The “world” we are used to interacting with via our current computer systems are “trapped” behind a glass screen – the screen you are reading my words on right now. With this new HoloLens System from Microsoft, the liberation begins. The “things” you interact with are no longer trapped, they are free floating – appearing to exist via light right in front of you, or behind you, as the case may be when you turn around….

Microsoft Hologram HoloLens System

Kipman goes on further to say this about how HoloLens “tricks” your brain into perceiving this created realm.

“Project HoloLens’ key achievement—realistic holograms—works by tricking your brain into seeing light as matter. “Ultimately, you know, you perceive the world because of light,” Kipman explains. “If I could magically turn the debugger on, we’d see photons bouncing throughout this world. Eventually they hit the back of your eyes, and through that, you reason about what the world is. You essentially hallucinate the world, or you see what your mind wants you to see.”

Dieter Bohn from TheVerge.com puts it this way:

“…Before you can apply your jaded “I’ve done VR before” attitude to this situation, you look down at the coffee table and there’s a castle sitting right on the damn thing. It’s not shimmery, but it’s not quite real, either. It’s just sitting there, perfectly flat on the table, reacting in space to your head movements. It’s nearly as lifelike as the actual table, and there’s no lag at all. The castle is there. It’s simply magic.”


Microsoft Hololens


Personally, I love that last line. If you know even a little about how your eyes transmit information to your brain, you get that statement in a whole new way. We are essentially perceiving our world right now in this same way. If it weren’t for electromagnetism, we’d be passing our hands through all these illusions anyway, right now in our “existing” world. It’s one of the biggest cosmic jokes — and here we are, creating versions of this within our bigger “game” of reality.

How this will ultimately affect our daily lives remains to be seen – but one thing’s for sure. We are all living in an amazing time. Reality as we know it is quickly becoming reality as we create it.

What do you think? What applications do you see of the HoloLens in your own life? Let’s hear your comments below….



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