The one thing you know about truth is, when you hear it – it resonates very deeply inside – banishing all doubt. It’s a knowing. It’s like the first time you were told “life isn’t fair.” You KNEW that was true. It was “in your bones” true.

Well get ready to hear some truth now.

Some truth that, sadly, is FAR from being told in our industry. At the same time, it’s so simple, it makes you wonder why so many people beat themselves and their wallets silly trying to get it through their thick skulls (mine included).

So you want to make money online.

Better stated: You want to sell products or services via the mammoth leverage machine called the internet, so people you don’t even know who live in places you never heard of, send YOU money to get the great & valuable thing you have for them.

It better truly BE a great thing.
It better truly BE something they absolutely want.
YOU better put IT in front of the people who want it.

Let’s forget for a moment about any technical reasons why you may not be able to do this effectively and talk to the heart of the matter.

Marketing works when you use this formula:
· You have a high value thing
· You have a large group of people who want that thing
· You put that thing in front of them and let them buy it.

Hearing the truth in that? I just spent $538 on four tires. When I went to the tire store I was already ready to buy tires, I found them because they had a big sign outside that said “tires” and I needed tires. The tire guy pulled some tires off his wall rack and put them in front of me. “These are perfect for what you are looking for,” he said. I pulled out my wallet.

Now what if this nice tire man decided instead to tell me about getting a lifetime supply of chicken dinners when I came in looking for tires? Nada. No sale.

There is no convincing with this formula. Sure, there is a telling of what exactly it is you have (in our case automated, of course) – but there is NOT convincing. When you put your highly valued thing in front of the people who ALREADY want it, convincing is not necessary. Convincing will lead to ruptured dreams, frustration, indigestion and a bad hair day. Don’t do it.

Now back to the Points and some more points to ponder, IF you really want to make money online.

I hope the great & valuable thing you are putting in front of the big group of people who want it is going to make you a big commission. It better, because it takes just as much effort to get people in front of your message regardless – so why are you not going after a big ticket item? Still banking on making $30-$80 bucks a sale? Or worst, counting on other people to take care of your personal income? (Do you recognize the Truth?)

I also hope that you are putting your great & valuable thing in front of MORE PEOPLE who want it.

And finally, once these people are looking at your great & valuable thing, I hope you are also telling them about other great & valuable things you know they want, as often as possible. After all, you already have their attention.

So I ask you, is this what you are doing to “make money online?”

If NOT, click here for the next step.

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