If you knew nothing about marketing online, you’d be off to a faster start if you were able to do one thing better than the next guy. Trying to guess? Think it’s video marketing? Pay Per Click? Landing page creation? Live presentations?

I was just asking some fellow marketers this very question and their answers were: tenacity, burning desire, patience, & mental toughness. There is absolutely no doubt that you need all of those things in place. But that’s not the “skill” I am talking about here.

To give another hint – in just the four marketing strategies I mention above – you can use this skill to do ALL of them better, much better.

The answer is copywriting. I realize that if you are reading this you probably know what copywriting is, but just to clarify, “copywriting” is a must-have skill that allows you to sell anything you want to people using the written word, (whether it’s a written letter, video script, email, or web page), instead of over the phone, or one-on-one.

The great and magical thing about copywriting is, once you learn it, it literally opens up an entirely new world for you. It is a cross-platform skill, that is, learning and applying copywriting skills can improve almost all of your marketing efforts. Ready to record a new video for your blog or landing page? Done properly, you should be establishing trust, identifying a problem and presenting the pain, and then offering your solution to make all that much easier for the viewer.

Guess what? Without some good copywriting skills, you are probably just turning on your camera and recording whatever comes to mind, or maybe you went a little further and did an outline. Great start, but your video could be MUCH more effective if you applied some copywriting skills. Same thing with landing pages, article marketing, PPC and a host of other strategies. Chances are, they can all be improved dramatically with some good copy.

It’s clear that it’s going to be easy for you now, since you had that copywriting course in college right? Oh and you just LOVE to write – I’m right again yes? Don’t worry, copywriting is a skill that you can learn IF you’re willing to admit you can always improve and you’re ready to do something about it. You can then sit back and watch your lead conversion “magically” improve…and stop letting those other marketers eat your lunch.

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