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Free Training: 7 Instagram Hacks

If you’ve come across the phrase “Amazon Mechanical Turk” (or MTurk), you may be asking yourself what the heck it is. I know I did the first time I saw it. It’s actually very cool, and a simple way to make some extra cash online.


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This audio, from a mega success in the direct sales industry, is priceless to me.


In it, this veteran with 21 years of experience in direct sales, tells exactly how automated online systems work, but more importantly, how they can work for you.

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Milk: It Does A Marketer Good.

Ok so I stole the idea from the dairy people – and I’m NOT a dairy fan. Cow’s milk is for baby cows – and how an entire industy can brainwash a society, well, that’s ANOTHER marketing story….

But today’s post is about *MILKING* it, ie, doing one thing and “milking” it for all it’s worth. As a marketer this is a skill that you should learn and implement with each bit of effort you put out. Seriously, if you are spending your precious time doing something, shouldn’t you be “milking it” for all it’s worth? You better be. It’s the other side of leverage and it’s critical to your ultimate success.

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If you knew nothing about marketing online, you’d be off to a faster start if you were able to do one thing better than the next guy. Trying to guess? Think it’s video marketing? Pay Per Click? Landing page creation? Live presentations?

I was just asking some fellow marketers this very question and their answers were: tenacity, burning desire, patience, & mental toughness. There is absolutely no doubt that you need all of those things in place. But that’s not the “skill” I am talking about here.

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Picture the scene. You’re a new online marketer and you’ve just published your first website! You’ve used some template driven program, and just like they promised you, it was up and running online in a couple hours. And now, like any new marketer that’s done their homework you scratch your head and come to this conclusion: “Now all I need is some traffic and I’ll be raking in the big bucks!”

LOL. Sorry but that is really funny. It seems logical…but? And what about all those places you can buy visitors to your website? Shouldn’t you just go out and pay for traffic and then all your problems will be solved?  (listen – I can hear the giant sucking sound coming from your wallet from over here).

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Would you like to build yourself a blog, reach out to your niche, and let people know who you are, what you’re all about, and what you have to offer?  It is going to take some tenacity and willingness to learn new skills (but if you’ve read anything I’ve written, you know that both of these are required to make an income online!) Here are my thoughts on how to get started today.

Two of the most-used blog creators available are Blogger and WordPress. You can make a blog quickly using either of these. Neither require you to set up a hosting account. (A hosting account is an account you set up to house your computer files – the files that make up your websites). Basically, you make your blog within an interface that Blogger or WordPress provide to you, and the files are kept on their server.

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