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Quick Audio (6 Minutes of Inspiration)

Last night I had the privilege of speaking on our team’s Sunday night “Freedom Formula” call.


We do this call each and every Sunday night.

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This audio, from a mega success in the direct sales industry, is priceless to me.


In it, this veteran with 21 years of experience in direct sales, tells exactly how automated online systems work, but more importantly, how they can work for you.

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Giving Back Never Felt So Good…

Quick post today.

Last night I was watching “Secret Millionaire.” Do you know this show? Amazing stuff… Each week a new millionaire is featured who, although very happy with their created wealth, want to really make a difference in the world by providing extraordinary things that MONEY CAN BUY.

Yes remember my friends, money is not the root of all evil…that quote is “the love of money is the root of all evil.”

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Dave Wood Just Called Me A Grinder

David Wood, co-founder of the Empower Network, just called me a Grinder on his live call tonight 4/16/2012. It’s true. (well, it WAS true). Do you know what it means? I’ll tell you, because you might just recognize yourself as being one too. Or better yet, I might save you from becoming one in the first place (which would be really great for you).

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Are You Like Most Marketers?

Another Monday and another 16 hours to fit in every little thing we do in our lives, be it spending time at our job, attending to family time, and for you, the marketer, determining exactly WHAT you should be doing with the precious time you do have available to work on your business. If you are marketing online (of course you are, right?), you have probably encountered the same big bad monster that gets bigger and bigger everyday. That monster is the crushing feeling of being overwhelmed.

Overwhelm occurs when you start getting a little bit educated about all the amazing ways you can market your new business online. Capture pages, blogs, ezines, websites, video marketing, article marketing, craigslist, PPC, facebook ads, social media, micro-blogging, video skinning, mobile apps, autoresponders, backlinking – if your head hasn’t exploded yet it probably will soon! Look, the truth is, the ways and means available for you to get your message in front of your target audience is not shinking, it’s growing exponentially.

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So Much Wisdom…Clouds Your Road To Freedom

As many of you know, I am a huge music fan. Lyrics often grab me
and have me thinking about things in new ways, which is why I
take time everyday to open my ears and listen. Two ears and one
mouth means listen twice as much as you speak.

Yesterday I was listening to an old CD from a band not too many
people have every heard of – but they were amazing. (They broke
up in the early 90s but, the lead singer still is performing.)

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