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Business Lessons From My Cat

I really couldn’t believe it. I was standing there in my living room having a conversation with a friend of mine. Meanwhile, as I was looking straight in her direction talking, my cat, Klinger, was fixing his eyes on me as he was propped upright, with his front paws on my sofa arm. I’d say I was about 3 feet from the sofa. Suddenly, without warning, (and certainly with no prior anticipation on my part), Klinger leaped directly in the air towards my left shoulder. I couldn’t believe his nerve and bravery. Now, I’d seem him in this pose before. He’s a lover not a fighter, and he tries to entice me to pick him up by propping himself up like that on the couch. But he has never, ever been so bold as to leap straight for me right into the air from that or any distance. He had no idea if he’d make it or not. Afterall, he’d never done it before.

Klinger thinks he can stowaway in my suitcase

Klinger thinks he can stowaway in my suitcase

We both survived the moment, even though the big guy’s got claws and I’m sure he would have used them in an attempt to hang on had he miss-judged the distance. But after my friend and I had a good laugh about how ridiculous he looked going for it, I started thinking about it a little deeper. He just taught me something important about life and my business.

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The Number One Problem In Network Marketing

How can I, as a Network Marketer, ever expect my brand new people to build websites, create autoresponders with real value, learn html, test, tweak, spend thousands of dollars in the process, spend years of time to gain the knowledge of top experts, and figure out how to brand themselves from day 1 in this industry?

I KNOW this is essential online Marketing 101 for those who are serious. Up until now, I have had sleepless nights wondering how to solve this problem. Sure, I’ve been willing to sweat it out and learn this stuff, but boy, it is not for the faint-hearted and it takes tenacity and constant learning!

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Why Traditional Network Marketing Training Falls Short

Have you started a network marketing business? As a follow-up, are you still in that business? For a large majority of people, there is a lot of initial excitement. The idea of real success has new entrepreneurs giddy with anticipation of the rewards to follow.

But what typically happens to these home business dreams of wealth and time freedom? Usually, and that means 97% of the time, they are squashed and left in the dust to die. Why does this happen when so many come with a strong desire to succeed? Many of these people are not strangers to hard work, so what is going on?

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Why All The Confusion About Network Marketing?

Some people just don’t get it when you ask them about Network Marketing. Without any valid evidence to rest their case upon, they dismiss it as “one of those things.” Somebody’s Uncle Charlie is “garage qualified” and has enough water filters to last until 2075, so surely, it’s a scam.

A scam? Yes there are scams a plenty out there in the free world, but done properly and with integrity, network marketing is not one of them. Are there companies using the network marketing business model who do not operate with integrity or without the best interest of their customers? Of course, but they exist in traditional business as well. So do your homework, as you would when evaluating any business.

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