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The Next Evolution of Home Business Work Teams

UPDATE: I wrote this in 2009.

I guess I was a bit prophetic (and had no idea at the time).

Here we go…

Get the inside scoop on what we are doing with this new team concept

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Quick Audio (6 Minutes of Inspiration)

Last night I had the privilege of speaking on our team’s Sunday night “Freedom Formula” call.


We do this call each and every Sunday night.

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This audio, from a mega success in the direct sales industry, is priceless to me.


In it, this veteran with 21 years of experience in direct sales, tells exactly how automated online systems work, but more importantly, how they can work for you.

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Making Money Online: The Truth

The one thing you know about truth is, when you hear it – it resonates very deeply inside – banishing all doubt. It’s a knowing. It’s like the first time you were told “life isn’t fair.” You KNEW that was true. It was “in your bones” true.

Well get ready to hear some truth now.

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Piecing It All Together

This is going to be a much more personal post. I’m writing from the heart, and I hope after reading this, you’ll feel that.

Perhaps you may recognize some of this from your own journey to get on the “other side” where the big dogs play, to never have to worry or even think about money again. Do your friends think you’re crazy? Does your family think you need psychiatric help when you continue to repeat that you want to do what you want, when you want, where you want, with who you want?

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Giving Back Never Felt So Good…

Quick post today.

Last night I was watching “Secret Millionaire.” Do you know this show? Amazing stuff… Each week a new millionaire is featured who, although very happy with their created wealth, want to really make a difference in the world by providing extraordinary things that MONEY CAN BUY.

Yes remember my friends, money is not the root of all evil…that quote is “the love of money is the root of all evil.”

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For the past few weeks I’ve been reading up on nutrient-dense eating. Nutrient-dense eating is a very powerful way to increase your vitality and lesson your chances to contracting the big 3 diseases attacking so many Americans. Americans in particular are suffering more and more from heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, more than any other time in history.

In a nutshell, nutrient dense eating means eating foods with more nutrients per calorie than other foods. For example, if you eat a cup of spinach, you are getting a lot more nutrients per 100 calories than, let’s say, a slice of pizza, or a chocolate donut.

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