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What Can Blogging Do For Your Business?

– Diane Zidek

Recent market research has found that blog readers are strongly influenced by blog content regarding purchase decisions across a number of categories, and that blogs play a key role in leading readers to the point of an actual purchase. BuzzLogic, social media analysis company and ad network, sponsored the market research and JupiterResearch, a Forrester research company, conducted the survey of more than 2,000 online consumers in the US.

This survey, called Harnessing the Power of Blogs also found that blog readership has grown 300% over the past four years. 300%! The results also suggest that consumers who read blogs more than once a month are using blogs as the top online navigation tool to discover other blog content, ranking higher than general web or blog search. This means that links on your blog are even more important than you might have originally thought.
The survey also found:
• Blogs influence purchases: 50% of blog readers say they find blogs useful for purchase information.
• Blogs sway more purchases among readers than social networks: More frequent blog readers say they trust relevant blog content for purchase decisions than content from social networking sites. • Niche focus ups influence factor: For those who have found blog content useful for product decisions, 56% said blogs with a niche focus and topical expertise were key sources.

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Do you see it? In this volatile time of economic upheaval and market uncertainty, are you one of the few who actually see beyond the headlines into a future you MUST create?

As the chug of gloom & doom keeps spurting out of our televisions (hint: turn it off), it may not be immediately recognizable to average Joe that what is happening with our economy is really transition. To put it simply, the time of bartering a traded rate for your work product to a big corporate widget machine (being physical or a service offered) is coming to a close. Sure, this close may take a decade or so, but this is clear – what you, and I mean the big YOU, can personally offer in value to the marketplace (our economy) is what’s going to determine your worth in the marketplace. You must learn to create your own value and then market that value to others who are looking for it. If you do that, you won’t have to worry anymore about getting the pink slip from your employer when they decide you aren’t valuable to them. Relying on one entity (your job) to make this determination is, in this economy, foolish.

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What You Must Know When Evaluating A Home Business

So you’ve decided to start a home business. This is a critical first step in your journey in free enterprise. Let’s make no mistake about it, “free” enterprise is far from free. In order for you to be successful, you will undoubtably pour your heart and soul into what you are doing. And so, since you want to be a success, let’s start by looking at the key points which must be present in any home business worth pursuing.

Legal. Face it, there are thousands of illegal schemes out there with some slick front covers that are just flat out crooks. You’ve seen them, I’ve seen them – the point being – do your homework and make sure the business you are about to invest in is a legal operation.

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