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The Next Evolution of Home Business Work Teams

UPDATE: I wrote this in 2009.

I guess I was a bit prophetic (and had no idea at the time).

Here we go…

Get the inside scoop on what we are doing with this new team concept  http://www.wukarhangout.com/?id=4114036

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Quick Audio (6 Minutes of Inspiration)

Last night I had the privilege of speaking on our team’s Sunday night “Freedom Formula” call.


We do this call each and every Sunday night.

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Making Money Online: The Truth

The one thing you know about truth is, when you hear it – it resonates very deeply inside – banishing all doubt. It’s a knowing. It’s like the first time you were told “life isn’t fair.” You KNEW that was true. It was “in your bones” true.

Well get ready to hear some truth now.

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Piecing It All Together

This is going to be a much more personal post. I’m writing from the heart, and I hope after reading this, you’ll feel that.

Perhaps you may recognize some of this from your own journey to get on the “other side” where the big dogs play, to never have to worry or even think about money again. Do your friends think you’re crazy? Does your family think you need psychiatric help when you continue to repeat that you want to do what you want, when you want, where you want, with who you want?

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Online Marketing Funnels – Tired of the pain?

Have you tried your hand at making a decent online income? Have you read enough ebooks on the subject and found it more useful to use the pages for a litter box liner?

It always starts out the same. It’s so eeeeasssy.

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If you knew nothing about marketing online, you’d be off to a faster start if you were able to do one thing better than the next guy. Trying to guess? Think it’s video marketing? Pay Per Click? Landing page creation? Live presentations?

I was just asking some fellow marketers this very question and their answers were: tenacity, burning desire, patience, & mental toughness. There is absolutely no doubt that you need all of those things in place. But that’s not the “skill” I am talking about here.

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Are You Like Most Marketers?

Another Monday and another 16 hours to fit in every little thing we do in our lives, be it spending time at our job, attending to family time, and for you, the marketer, determining exactly WHAT you should be doing with the precious time you do have available to work on your business. If you are marketing online (of course you are, right?), you have probably encountered the same big bad monster that gets bigger and bigger everyday. That monster is the crushing feeling of being overwhelmed.

Overwhelm occurs when you start getting a little bit educated about all the amazing ways you can market your new business online. Capture pages, blogs, ezines, websites, video marketing, article marketing, craigslist, PPC, facebook ads, social media, micro-blogging, video skinning, mobile apps, autoresponders, backlinking – if your head hasn’t exploded yet it probably will soon! Look, the truth is, the ways and means available for you to get your message in front of your target audience is not shinking, it’s growing exponentially.

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