I really couldn’t believe it. I was standing there in my living room having a conversation with a friend of mine. Meanwhile, as I was looking straight in her direction talking, my cat, Klinger, was fixing his eyes on me as he was propped upright, with his front paws on my sofa arm. I’d say I was about 3 feet from the sofa. Suddenly, without warning, (and certainly with no prior anticipation on my part), Klinger leaped directly in the air towards my left shoulder. I couldn’t believe his nerve and bravery. Now, I’d seem him in this pose before. He’s a lover not a fighter, and he tries to entice me to pick him up by propping himself up like that on the couch. But he has never, ever been so bold as to leap straight for me right into the air from that or any distance. He had no idea if he’d make it or not. Afterall, he’d never done it before.

Klinger thinks he can stowaway in my suitcase

Klinger thinks he can stowaway in my suitcase

We both survived the moment, even though the big guy’s got claws and I’m sure he would have used them in an attempt to hang on had he miss-judged the distance. But after my friend and I had a good laugh about how ridiculous he looked going for it, I started thinking about it a little deeper. He just taught me something important about life and my business.

There is a place – a place that those of us who have found great success know very well. The place between desire and action. But not just any action, — the action where you might do everything right, but still fall flat on your face.

Maybe you’ve seen others do it, but they are not you – with your life circumstances, your “unique situation.” That’s what you keep telling yourself. Guess what? They had situations too, and they, like Klinger, went for it. They jumped. They leaped straight forward for something they wanted, without knowing the outcome, they still TOOK THE ACTION.

Pick up any book on success and you can read plenty of stories that illustrate this point. You know what I’m talking about – and if you don’t I suggest you get some of those real life stories circulating in your psyche fast.

Take it from me (and Klinger). You’ve got to make the leap. You won’t make it with guarantees, “sure deals” or any other type of fantasy. They don’t exist. What DOES exist is your ability to TAKE ACTION now, leap forward into your future, without knowing if you’re going to fall.

So take a lesson from my brave boy Klinger – fix your eyes on the prize you seek and leap forward with everything you are – and don’t look back.

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