Personal Development is Non-Negotiable if you are serious about making it as an entrepreneur. You are a unique breed. You refuse to go with the rest of flock, but the flock will always be calling to you, insisting that you “get serious” and “do what we do.” bullets-matrix10

You’ve got to keep your armor shiny. You’ve got to keep yourself reaching out for your goals, being steadfast and undaunted by the noise of the crowd. You do this through personal development. You are never finished.

Here is a sampling of Courses/Seminars/Programs that I have invested in to keep my armor shiny!

· Magnetic Sponsoring
· MLM Traffic Formula
· ListPros (12 weeks with Tellman Knudson)
· Commission Blueprint
· The 90 Day Challenge (DK & Jimmy Davis)
· The Landmark Forum (3 Day Intensive)
· Landmark Forum Advanced Course (3 Day Intensive)
· First Steps To Success Weekend (Dani Johnson)
· Secrets of Million Dollar Teleseminars (Shawn Casey & Tellman Knudson)
· Simpleology Modules (Mark Joyner)
· The Magic of Colors (Les Brown)
· Todd Falcone Lead Mastery Course
· Black Belt Recruiting
· The Psychology of Prospecting (Jeff Combs)
· Championship Prospecting (Jeff Combs)
· Personal Coaching With Jeff Combs
· Get the Edge (Tony Robbins)
· PPC Domination
· Google GoldRush Adwords Training (weekly)
· Millionaire Mind Intensive (T.Harv Eker, ask me about free tickets)
· Enlightened Warrior 5-Day Training Camp (Peak Potentials)
· 28-Day Blitz with DK