Another Monday and another 16 hours to fit in every little thing we do in our lives, be it spending time at our job, attending to family time, and for you, the marketer, determining exactly WHAT you should be doing with the precious time you do have available to work on your business. If you are marketing online (of course you are, right?), you have probably encountered the same big bad monster that gets bigger and bigger everyday. That monster is the crushing feeling of being overwhelmed.

Overwhelm occurs when you start getting a little bit educated about all the amazing ways you can market your new business online. Capture pages, blogs, ezines, websites, video marketing, article marketing, craigslist, PPC, facebook ads, social media, micro-blogging, video skinning, mobile apps, autoresponders, backlinking – if your head hasn’t exploded yet it probably will soon! Look, the truth is, the ways and means available for you to get your message in front of your target audience is not shinking, it’s growing exponentially.

Back when I was in my corporate job I remember the days when my boss would just completely dump on me, 15 highly complex projects that had to be completed by the end of the week, and he had NO clue what it really took to make it happen. There was a “tipping point.” This point came when that one more extra thing made my mental gears shift into an attitude of “well, there’s soooo much to get done, I can’t do anything. I’m in a state of paralysis of productivity.”

This is exactly where you CANNOT AFFORD to be in your own business. You’ve got to squeeze every bit of juice out of each hour, because after all – you’re already likely not spending all the time you’d like to on your business. You’re already squeezed out. Spending more money on some new program that might work for you is just not going to cut it. So, what’s a marketer to do?

You must use a pillar approach. You must, despite that screaming voice in your head, pick ONE strategy and stop the multi-tasking. Multi-tasking in online business is multi-failing. Pick one strategy, let’s say, you’ve chosen to generate leads using Linkedin. How could you get up to speed faster in this, or whatever you’ve choosen to tackle?

The best way to leverage your time is by leveraging OPK or “other people’s knowledge” When someone knows how to do something already and you can get access to that information, you’ve just cut your learning curve to shreds. With the vast amount of information becoming more and more like distracting noise, you’ve got to get to the heart of the matter.

How can you do this? Get access to a Mastermind group of marketers who are already gettting the results you want and plug in. Find out what’s working right now, and accelerate your learning curve of that strategy. Implement the strategy. That’s your first pillar. Then and only then, move to your next strategy.

If you want to know what’s working for the top marketers right now and how you can access this knowledge, click HERE.

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